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The company “Dagda” is a research company, established in Ukraine to serve the interests of investors and issuers. Our largest clients are stock exchanges, investment banks, auditing and law firms of the EU, USA and Asia-Pacific region. Our researches are available to investors through the media partners in Russian and English in more than 120 countries around the world. Our regular financial conferences serve as effective platforms for the exchange of views between professionals as well as for initiating dialogue on attracting the investment of all interested sides.

DAGDA LLC published a popular handbook IPO from A to Z Guide for the Issuer in 2011

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Publication ?IPO from A to Z: A Guide for the issuer? is the most comprehensive research in Ukraine and the CIS, which is dedicated to the complex of questions related to the preparation of the issuer for the IPO.

For purchase Guide ?IPO from A to Z: A Guide for the issuer?, please call +38 (044) 223-44-90, +38 (044) 238-66-52 or send your request in any form to the email address -

The Guide is focused on the companies that want to raise capital through private or public offerings, as well as on those professional participants of securities market that serve the process of raising capital through foreign exchanges. Guide has been published on a regular basis since October 2007.

Full-color report on 150 A4 pages contains important practically significant information that is necessary for top-managers as well as for business owners to make smart investment decisions.

The first part of the Guide is devoted to choice of forms and types of placements. Here the readers will find a detailed description of the algorithms of the depositary receipts issue, ADR and GDR market analysis. Section is accompanied by the most recent statistics by ADR and GDR markets of The Bank of New York Mellon, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan Chase.
There is not only updated statistics of the depository receipts market in the Guide of 2011, but we describe the rules of receipts promotion for shares of foreign issuers in the U.S. OTC market (OTC ? over the counter market) for the first time. In 2011, in the OTC market in the United States there has been a major reform, which resulted in the market has acquired new features. The OTC remains to be one of the most accessible capital markets for issuers, which can actually attract investments for business development in Ukraine.

The second part is devoted to the choice of stock exchange for placements. Particular attention is paid to trends of interbourse competition, there is submitted a review of M & A stock holdings, including the recent merger of Deutsche Börse and NYSE Euronext. This section of the Guide contains information about major trends and listing regulations on these exchanges:
- Deutsche Börse (Germany);
- London Stock Exchange (UK);
- Luxembourg Stock Exchange (Luxembourg);
- Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (Hong Kong);
- The Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (Russia)
- NASDAQ OMX (Baltic and Scandinavian countries)
- NYSE - New York Stock Exchange (USA)
- NYSE Euronext London (United Kingdom)
- Euronext (Brussels, Paris, Lisbon)
- SGX Singapore Exchange (Singapore)
- SIX Swiss Exchange Group (Switzerland)
- Tokyo Stock Exchange (Japan)
- TMX Group (Canada)
- Warsaw Stock Exchange (Poland).

In addition to listing rules of the major platforms, the rules of including into the lists of the alternative markets are discussed, which are specially designed for small-cap issuers. Section is accompanied by a commentary of the leading experts of the listing: Deutsche Börse, SGX Singapore Exchange, SIX Swiss Exchange Group, as well as by a special article of the chairman of the Warsaw Stock Exchange ? Ludwik Sobolevsky.

The third part contains a detailed analysis of global trends in the market of IPOs, there is TOP-10 of the largest investors in the market of depository receipts. In the Section a particular attention is paid to the outcomes analysis of the already conducted placements of Ukrainian companies, which are being monitored from February of 2005. Besides, the reader will find important information, which concerns the relations with the underwriter, the average rates for underwriting of TOP-20 of the largest investment banks in the EU and the average size of the IPO and SPO are given in this third part. Statistics is updated as of October 1, 2011.

The fourth section "The transformation into a public company" is devoted to the organization of the system of relations with investors and to the preparation for public reporting within a public company. After reading this section, the reader will be able to understand how it is better to synthesize the information flows to investors, and what the traditional requirements for regular reporting on Western markets are.

To the output of the popular Handbook there were held:
- Round table "Raising capital through private and public offerings abroad." More details about the event.
- The second international conference "Ukrainian IPO - meeting in 2011." More details about the event.

Our Guide is accompanied by the materials of the lawyers of the leading law firms: Baker & McKenzie, Beiten Burkhardt, SALANS and Vasil Kisil & Partners.

Official exchange partner of the project: Deutsche Börse AG;
Official legal partner: Baker & McKenzie;
Official legal partner: SALANS.

The project was implemented with the participation of:
Warsaw Stock Exchange;
SGX Singapore Exchange (Singapore);
SIX Swiss Exchange Group (Switzerland);
Beiten Burkhardt;
Vasil Kisil & Partners.

General information partner: LIGABusinessInform;
General TV Partner: The first business channel;
Official TV Partner: 5th Channel.

Media Partners:
Internet portal "Analytical Banking Portal";
Information agency "Interfax-Ukraine";
Information Agency "Ukrainian News";

Magazine: "Personal account";
Newspaper: "Agribusiness today";
The official publication of the Financial Services Commission, "UkrainaBusinessReview";
Internet portal: ?FundMarket?;
Internet portal: ?InvestFunds?;
Information Retrieval System B2B ?Compass?;
Prostobank consulting;

Special Media Partner: "Emkon"

Special partners:
Ukrainian Association of Investment Business;
Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts;
Ukrainian professional association for the protection of investors, lenders and insurers.

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