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The company “Dagda” is a research company, established in Ukraine to serve the interests of investors and issuers. Our largest clients are stock exchanges, investment banks, auditing and law firms of the EU, USA and Asia-Pacific region. Our researches are available to investors through the media partners in Russian and English in more than 120 countries around the world. Our regular financial conferences serve as effective platforms for the exchange of views between professionals as well as for initiating dialogue on attracting the investment of all interested sides.

The company DAGDA summarizes roundtable Raising capital through private and public offerings abroad

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November 30 at the Media Centre of IA "LigaBusinessInform" successfully held a round table for the media: "Raising capital through private and public offerings abroad."

The round table was presented the annual survey of DAGDA ?IPO from A to Z: A Guide issuer 2011" and highlighted the following issues:

? Recent trends in the global market IPOs and ADR-GDR markets;
? New trends in the listing rules for the 15 largest stock exchanges of the world;
? Key changes in the laws of various jurisdictions, which are popular for attracting capital among issuers from the former USSR countries;
? Important trends affecting the potential of the stock market at a national capital market.
? Identify trends in key capital markets for issuers from the Ukraine in Warsaw, London and Frankfurt.

The roundtable will join together leading local and foreign experts of the capital market:

Roundtable Moderator: Yuriy Prozorov, president of the Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts

Demjanjuk Olga, Senior Associate Baker & McKenzie (Kiev)
Dubetsky Andrew, head of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Ukraine
Likhovid Oleg, Head of the Ukrainian Committee of the IPO UPAZIKS, chairman of the committee, "Entrepreneurs of the financial market," Commerce and Industry of Ukraine
Milovanova Zoe, a senior lawyer BEITEN BURKHARDT
Ihor Migedynuk, a partner Salans
Nikiforov Andrey, Senior Associate Baker & McKenzie (Kiev)

Stefan Höfer, vice president Deutsche Börse AG
Presentation of Deutsche Börse AG

Shapran Vitaliy, senior financial analyst at the RA "Expert-Rating", the head of the Rating Committee UPAZIKS, a member of the public council National Securities and Stock Market Commission.
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The project is implemented with the participation of:
SIX - (Swiss Exchange);
SGX - (Singapore Exchange)

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