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The company “Dagda” is a research company, established in Ukraine to serve the interests of investors and issuers. Our largest clients are stock exchanges, investment banks, auditing and law firms of the EU, USA and Asia-Pacific region. Our researches are available to investors through the media partners in Russian and English in more than 120 countries around the world. Our regular financial conferences serve as effective platforms for the exchange of views between professionals as well as for initiating dialogue on attracting the investment of all interested sides.

DAGDA LLC was the technical organizer of the International Municipal hearings with the participation of President of Ukraine

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International Municipal Hearings "The development of good governance at local and regional levels" were held in Ukrainian House at the framework of Ukraine?s presidency in the Committee of Ministers in EU Council. The initiator of the hearings was the State Fund for Local Self-Government in Ukraine.

The main purpose of the International Municipal hearings in 2011 was to discuss the condition and ways to develop the legal and institutional framework for local and regional democracy in the context of implementing the provisions of the European Charter of Local Self-Government Strategy and Innovation and good governance at the local level.

The Conference was attended by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, the leadership of the Ukrainian Parliament, the Ukrainian government, heads of local and regional councils.

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