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The company “Dagda” is a research company, established in Ukraine to serve the interests of investors and issuers. Our largest clients are stock exchanges, investment banks, auditing and law firms of the EU, USA and Asia-Pacific region. Our researches are available to investors through the media partners in Russian and English in more than 120 countries around the world. Our regular financial conferences serve as effective platforms for the exchange of views between professionals as well as for initiating dialogue on attracting the investment of all interested sides.

DAGDA LLC summarizes the second international conference Ukrainian IPO meetings

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The second international conference ?Ukrainian IPO meetings? has successfully passed on 2nd of December at the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine. More than 120 people including 20 journalists have taken part in the Conference.

Anatoly Amelin, Director of Corporate Relations in National Stock Market and Securities Commission, as well as Oleg Likhovid, chairman of the UCCI committee ?Entrepreneurs on financial services market? has taken welcome speech in the beginning of the Conference.

The great interest of the participants were in a special section in the form of panel discussion: "The financial capabilities for debt and equity financing at Deutsche Börse AG"

Stefan Höfer, Vice President, Issuer Services, Deutsche Börse AG

Igor Megedynyuk, Partner, SALANS

Rostyslav Grygorenko, Associate Director, Ernst & Young LLC

Alex Lissitsa, President of Association of Ukrainian Agribusiness Club

Selection of the optimal form for placements
Moderator: Yuriy Prozorov, president of the Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts

Depositary Receipts, or holding companies in jurisdictions with a mild tax climate: the choice of the position of the Ukrainian legislation
Igor Megedynyuk, a partner at law firm SALANS

Raising capital through depository receipts
Boris Guskov, a group of depositary receipts of Deutsche Bank

Listing on SIX Swiss Exchange, choose the most appropriate jurisdiction
Moderator: Alexander Garagonich, director of Law company ?B&C ?

Special guest of the conference: Konstantin Dombrowski, Senior Manager, relationships with issuers of SIX Swiss Exchange
Raising capital on SIX Swiss Exchange (Switzerland)

The choice of jurisdiction for IPO
Julia Kirpa, advisor of law firm "Vasil Kisil and Partners"

"2012 - the prospects of debt and equity financing"
Sergey Tymoschuk, managing partner of "Evolution Capital" Ltd

Panel Discussion:
Raising Capital in Ukraine (panel discussion of institutional investors)
Moderator: Vitaly Shapran, chief financial analyst of the RA "Expert-Rating"

Anna Tikhaia, Deputy Chairman AMC APF "UkrSib Asset Management" (BNP Paribas Group)
Igor Chmielewski, Head of Asset Management in Asset Management "National Reserve"

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The media about the conference:

TV - 5th Channel. The program "The financial morning", December 5

TV - The first business TV channel, the program "Companies and Markets", December 5

Partners of the event:
International exchange partner: Deutsche Börse AG
Official Partner of Law: International Law Firm SALANS
General Analytical Partner: RA "Expert Rating"
National partner: AMC "National Reserve"

The conference was held with the participation of:
SIX Swiss Exchange
Law firm "Vasil Kisil and Partners"
Ukrainian Association of Investment Business
Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts
Ukrainian professional association for the protection of investors, creditors and insurers
Legal company B & C

General TV Partner: 1st Business
Official TV Partner: Channel 5
General news partner: Interfax-Ukraine
The official news partner: Ukrainian news
Business news Partner: Agency LIGABusinessInform
General infopartner: Ukraine Business Review
Official infopartner: Fundmarket
Special infopartner: Emkon

Media Partners:
The journal "Personal Account"
The newspaper "Agribusiness Today"
Information Retrieval System B2B "Compass"
Prostobank Consulting
Investfonds Group Cbonds

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